A teacher’s dream is to see his student at an upper level than himself. So it is said that without a teacher, knowledge would be incomplete And without education, humans would be incomplete. Therefore, you should always struggle in your future by getting knowledge from the guru. Because even without struggle, the result is never right Someone has said rightly, if work without consideration will never result in good results.

I believe that you should focus on basic before you advance level. Because the basic itself shows the drawbacks in advance level. What is their reason and how can they be resolved? Because a man should never take a direct advance level. If you take a direct advanced level, you will never get full knowledge Half of your knowledge will remain, half of knowledge will not do anything And yes even if you have basic knowledge, you are still incomplete. Now you will need to advance level.

Main reasons for failure in life and their solutions

You don’t know your goal .

Solution : First you create a target that I want to become a web designer, developer or Programmer in my life. And then make him your hobby, make a part of your future.

You don’t have full knowledge.

Solution : First of all, get full knowledge of what you have to make Because half the knowledge cannot complete the work.

To be depressed by failing in his goal.

Solution : Never let you down because people who work sadly never succeed Even after failure, you always have to keep trying. One day you will definitely get success.

Always positive of your thinking.

Solution : Always make your thinking positive because one whose thinking is not positive, he can never be successful. Your hard work will succeed only if you are optimistic that your thinking is positive.

Lack of practicals along with education.

Solution : If you’re just educated you don’t have anything practical So you will always be spread in life. Because your experience increases with practical. Going forward, which is the main reason for your success.

Do not do research on the target project you have created.

Solution : If you are working on any project or are thinking of doing it, you should know about it first. And think deeply about how you can deal with the obstacles in it? Research it deeply, research makes you advanced. And yet if you encounter a problem, then try to solve it with your teacher.

You are used to copying.

Solution : If you copy, then this defect of yours is the main reason for your failure. You should do whatever new knowledge and experience you have and do research and do something new. Because whatever research you have done and done new will be your success.

Advice : You should always work by doing research and keep your thoughts positive. Believe in yourself too because if you don’t believe in yourself. Then God will not believe you either. With confidence you try something new, you will definitely succeed.